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Nothing defines the essence of Kahuku High and Intermediate more than the pride of students in being graduates of the school. The clothesline photo tells the story of generations of families proud to wear Red Raider Red


By MaryAnne Long and Lea Albert

In July of 2001, kahuku.org was born as a program of the Ko`olauloa Educational Alliance Corporation (KEAC) which was created as a non-profit in 1996.  KEAC’s mission was to provide career pathway opportunities for Kahuku Complex students.  Creating an on-line business and storefront operation for sales gave Kahuku High and Intermediate students opportunities to learn a business from “concept to cash register.”  The KEAC bylaws also designate KEAC as a charity. KEAC also serves as the proud advisory board for the Kahuku Complex 21st Century Grant.

2020 Hawaii DOE Castle- Kahuku Grant Application Notice:




Why buy from kahuku.org? When community members, parents and students buy merchandise from kahuku.org, they are directly benefiting student-athletes as well as students in Kahuku High and Intermediate clubs and academic programs. Unlike for-profit businesses, after paying student and manager salaries, kahuku.org returns net profits directly to student organizations.

In the 18 years that kahuku.org has been in business, it has sold more than a million dollars in shirts, hats, and other Kahuku logoed products, provided first-hand business management experience to scores of students, sent tens of thousands of dollars to Kahuku High and Intermediate; won awards, accolades, and funding and given the community an additional sense of pride.

Please visit kahuku.org today. New, top quality inventory is available now!  Merchandise from kahuku.org is also obtainable at BYU-Hawaii, in Foodland at Pupukea and at Foodland in Laie.